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From The UK To The USA

We flew from the UK back to America on Wednesday. It's been quite the week and it does not feel like we were in London on Wednesday morning! Perry and Shepherd continue home-learning while Thomas works remote for Redeemer. Have no concern, the inviting lake is only a few meters away and we are enjoying a slower pace as a family. Here's more...

Finishing Up Year One in London

We finished up our first year in London this week. Thomas and Daniel were busy recording Bible talks for the upcoming teaching in Proverbs which will air later this month and through August. Perry and Shepherd both had home-learning/school on Monday and Tuesday, and Elizabeth handled all the packing. It was a really great whirlwind of a first year in London. We are thankful for all the God has taught us and the connections that have been made. A good ending to a good year.

Wednesday Travel Day

Wednesday was a huge day for our family. We left our home in London at 7:30 in the morning and arrived at the lake in Alabama around 11:00pm. In between was an international flight to Dallas, a connection to Atlanta, a rented car, and a two hour car ride. Traveling internationally during COVID was a very interesting experience. We were required to wear a mask in the airport and during our flights. We expected that our flights would be pretty empty, but since so many flights have been cancelled both flights were quite full. Perry and Shepherd did amazing throughout all the travel. They snacked and watched movies on the long flight and both of them slept more most of our shorter flight to Atlanta. We are continually impressed by how well they handle the big things going on around them.

While In The States

We have a couple of different things planned over the next couple of weeks. For now we're in quarantine at the lake. Elizabeth's parents have a house at Lake Martin and it is a welcome change of scenery for us. We are soaking up lots of Alabama sunshine and swimming in the lake as much as possible.

We're then in Raleigh for a week as Thomas officiates a wedding for some dear friends of ours and we catchup with a few friends. We're especially excited to meet a few babies that friends have had this last year while we've been in London! We're then off to Birmingham for some time with Thomas' family, then the beach, and a few more family visits before jet-setting for London in August. There will be a little more home-learning for Perry and Shepherd and some work for Thomas but mostly restful, catching up with family and friends, and reflecting on this last year.

What's Next

It's a solid week at the lake. Thomas has a couple of videos to record for different purposes and some planning for the year ahead. Perry and Shepherd will continue with school in the mornings and jump in the lake in the afternoon for recess. More than anything we're trying to get our bearings - it does not feel like we were busy with life in London just a few days ago. Some adjusting to this time of slowing down and eventually resting will be just that: an adjustment.

We will share some thoughts and reflections on this last year as we sort them out.

Thank you for being on this journey with us.

But I have calmed and quietened myself, I am like a weaned child with its mother; like a weaned child I am content.

Psalm 131:2

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