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We'll spare you the details. It's been quite the season for us over here. Here's a summary...


London is opening up and life is feeling more normal. We have been able to have friends over for dinner and have fun playdates (inside)!! Thomas and I have both had our first vaccine. Perry and Shepherd confirmed multiple times that the vaccine is only for grownups.

We've been able to move around and flow again. Seeing more and more people out and about. The forming of crowds again. The remembering of what it's like. It feels so good to see the things happening again.


Perry and Shepherd have just finished the first Summer half term, and we are all excited to get out of the city for a few days. We will be taking the train to spend a few fun filled days in Bath! We've been cooped up in London ever since we returned from our visit to the States in August. With the exception of a day trip to Oxford a few months ago - we've been here. This trip out of town is long overdue.

We're feeling a bit run down from the last season...but in a good way. Lots of moving again. Reigniting some old fires and starting some new rhythms has us in a place where we're refreshed and tired from the activity of it all. Each of the kiddos are doing well. Elizabeth continues to progress in her work with Biblical Counseling UK and Thomas is leading Redeemer well.


Redeemer has been meeting weekly and it has been so great!! The consistency of meeting together as a church every week has been really encouraging for all of us. Until Easter Redeemer had not met for more than two weeks in a row since we arrived in June 2019. We had a great time gathering for Easter and the church has had about 45-50 per week since then. Things are happening here!


We've celebrated a couple of Mother's Day for Elizabeth, Elizabeth's birthday, a few little family milestones, had some really intentional conversations with Perry and Shepherd about God, have had doubts and moments of believing again, and a few other thinks like that! It's miserable having to do big updates like this because we simply mention a few things and plan to get back to regular updates starting next week. Like we're doing right now. That's it for this one. Please forgive us for being entirely out of touch here. We'll keep you up to date starting next week!

Thank you for your prayer and support.

Thank you for being on this journey with us.


And let them make for me a sanctuary, that I may dwell in their midst.

Exodus 25:8


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