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Family Vacation + City Living

We just got back from our family vacation in Washington DC. This was such a fun and refreshing week for our family. Given the busyness of this season of life - and the wave of activity that approaches - we took this as an essential time to catch our breath as a family. We decided on DC for fun and strategic reasons. Instead of taking a week at the beach or the mountains we thought it would be fun (and wise) to take the kids to a city for a week. Below are a couple of photos of where we went and what we learned.

We loved the Smithsonian museums! We spent the most time in the Natural History Museum and the Air and Space Museum. We also made our way to the Smithsonian Zoo and Conservatory as well. The museums have so much to offer and we gladly took advantage.

We also toured the Museum of The Bible. This new museum (opened in 2017) blew us away. Spanning six floors, this museum unfolds the history and impact of the Bible. From state of the art technology to a cool temporary exhibit from the Vatican, this museum was a lot of fun.

We stayed at one of the Kimpton Hotels in the city. The staff was so kind and took wonderful care of our family. One of these sweet people was Marna, she is a Christian from India and we shared our stories with each other. In addition to bringing us extra towels for the event that is shower time in our family, she and the manager on duty created a special gift bag for Perry and Shepherd!

These babies loved city life this week, which was so encouraging to us! It was so great to be away together and watch them experience new things. This trip afforded lots of little windows into the future where we got to see what life will be like in London. Little moments like this one (Perry Elizabeth's and Shepherd's first subway ride) provided a glimpse of the life that awaits.

We Had A Great Week

Perry Elizabeth and Shepherd did so well. From navigating public transportation to enduring long lines - they were awesome. Please pray with us for our children to adjust well when we make the transition to London. This week was a fun step in helping all of us get used to city living.

Shout out to Elizabeth for planning an absolutely incredible time for us. Everything from the restaurants, to the tourist attractions, to the surprise events, and the ice cream shops were absolutely incredible. She knows how to put on a great trip and how to love her people well.

Thanks for joining us on this journey!

There are more updates headed your way next week.

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