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The Redeemer Sessions

The next chapter in the Redeemer story is now being written. We hosted our first instalment of The Redeemer Sessions on Saturday and were really encouraged by it. Family life is fully underway again and it's been a rainy few days. Here's a little more about it...

The Redeemer Sessions

We're really excited about what's starting up. Instead of starting weekly church gatherings we've decided to take some time to share more about what the church is and have some conversations with interested folk in the community. To facilitate the conversations and provide a welcoming space for people to connect, we created The Redeemer Sessions.

The Sessions are a relaxed, safe, and approachable venue for exploring what the Church is and how to be a part of it. On Saturday our team pulled together a gathering fitting for families, working professionals, and really anyone to come to. Our team provided some childcare areas for children as parents were able to hear a short talk and then engage in conversations around tables. The aim of this time was to provide a place for conversations and connections.

We are hosting a Session on the second Saturday of each month for the season ahead. As we find some traction and then a little momentum we will transition to fortnightly (not the video game - "every other week") church gatherings. We could begin these in April...we'll see how things go. We were really glad to have a few friends from Biltmore over to help over the last week. Partnership at its' finest.

Family Life

The kiddos are back in school and seem to be enjoying it. Perry and Shepherd both had their after school clubs this week and we feel like we're back into the routine of it all. We love our neighbourhood and are glad to be stuck in for the term ahead. Getting out was refreshing; we're glad to be back.

We had a few rainy days and the sun didn't make much of an appearance - and then two sunsets that were breathtaking. It looks like the clouds could break and give us the sun for a few days in the week ahead - here's to hoping for just a little bit of vitamin D!

What Else?

We're so excited to have a few more people coming to Community Group and the Pub Chats! Relationships are slowly taking root and we can see the Redeemer community starting to grow, ever so slightly. Most importantly, we can sense God's presence as we make our way.

The next few weeks will have some critical planning for what will then unfold in March and after. We're aiming for some Easter fun to be a blessing to the community and setting our sights further down the road for some developments this Spring. Stay tuned.

Thank you for being on this journey with us.

"For in this hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope.

For who hopes for what he sees? But we hope for what we do not see,

we wait for it with patience."

Romans 8:24-25

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