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Family Focus

It's been a good couple of days for our family. It seems like we're finding our groove over here and things are feeling more and more natural. Life is a pretty straightforward and routine week so we're providing just a few bits of family news as we journey on.

Family Rhythms

On our New Year holiday - and reset! - we set a few intentions for the new year. These aren't really resolutions but more of ways that we want to be with one another.

First, we wanted to create some space - so, we're on our phones less. We're not trying to eliminate technology but we are trying to be moderate in our use. Specifically, we're working on our social media intake which involves thinking more critically about who we're keeping up with and most importantly the times of day we're on social platforms. We're not being strict legalists about it. We're simply trying to create some clear channels for when we're on and when we're not.

Second, we're working on an intention of being present with one another. When we talk, we don't talk distractedly as we stare at a phone or anything else. We look at one another and engage in conversations - kiddos included. Everyone else might have this one figured out but it's a struggle. We're working on being present.

Third, we're increasing our time in prayer. We're having conversations about prayer and being intentional in our praying. We're encouraging and coaching Perry and Shepherd in prayer as we hold hands by the door in the morning and sit around the dinner table at night.

It's not much, and it's certainly not glamorous, but it's where we are. We're trying to create more space for God, our little family and friends. We're trying to be present in that space that we create. We're pressing in to prayer.

It seems like the most important thing we're doing is creating space. So many things are competing for our attention and we want to be intentional about what gets our focus. It's a bit embarrassing to think how many times we ask God to speak but we don't create the environment that is conducive to listening. We're creating space for family, friends, and prayer.


Things are slowly gathering. We have a Tuesday night Community Group that is getting a little crowded and we welcome it! We also have these Pub Chats which meet later on Tuesday evenings and they are good for stirring up some conversations. Plans for Easter and the months ahead continue to come together as well. God is with us. We're encouraged by the slow, small, progress.

What Else

We had a really good family day together yesterday. We shook things up at went o Hillsong and sung our lungs out. We then went out for burgers and spent the afternoon walking around in the cold and the sun. It was one of those rare days that leaves you encouraged on the next day from it.

We are also really thankful for the people we've been able to get to know in the last six months of living in London. We're especially grateful for a few acquaintances who are becoming real friends. The expat life engenders a surprising sense of community that we're learning to enjoy.

Elizabeth is at a women's conference with Co-Mission this weekend and Thomas is doing equal parts meeting and writing for the week. The next two weeks should be paced better than what we experienced last season. February is shaping up to be a busy one with Shepherd's birthday (FOUR!), ministry, and a trip to the States over half term break. Here's to being intentional in the space between.

The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the Lord.

Proverbs 21:31

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