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Sunny Day, A Birthday, and Looking To Sunday

We celebrated Elizabeth's birthday last week and continue to gain ground with home learning. We've also enjoyed some bright sunshine over the last few days and we're hoping to hear some news on Sunday. Here's more about where we are...

Elizabeth's Birthday

Elizabeth celebrated her 34th birthday on April 29th. We never expected to be celebrating birthdays in the middle of a global pandemic and lockdown, but it was such a special day.

Perry and Shepherd were the wakeup committee with homemade cards and singing “Happy Birthday”. We decided to take the day off from home school (shhh don’t tel Perry and Shepherd’s teachers). Birthday brunch and presents were next on the schedule. We had a “fancy” Italian dinner with birthday cake and sparklers in the back garden. Thomas, Perry and Shepherd worked really hard to make Elizabeth’s day extra special!

The day was filled with calls, texts and video messages from friends in the States as well visit from London friends. We are so grateful for the community we have on both sides of the pond. Elizabeth said it was one of her favourite birthdays.

A little birthday flashback, this is Elizabeth’s second London birthday. 5 years ago we were in London on Thomas’ research trip and got to celebrate Elizabeth’s birthday at the end of our trip. It was surreal to be celebrating in London again now that we call this lovely city home.

Sunny Days

We're soaking up the sun over the last two days. It's so refreshing! We purchased small pool to set out in the garden for the kiddos to play in. Admittedly, we had to pour a few kettles of boiling water into the pool (without the kids in it!) in order to warm it up a little. It looks like the sun is going to hide again tomorrow so we're making the most of the time outdoors. Needless to say, it's been a really enjoyable bank holiday weekend so far.

While the sun has been shining we have found a few troubling moments in the last week. Seeing the horrific video of Ahmaud Arbery being murdered in Georgia, the sudden passing of Darrin Patrick, and that Ravi Zacharias is terminally ill. A few sunny days doesn't numb the fact that there is a deep brokenness in our world. We find ourselves praying for justice and for God to make His presence clearly known and felt.

What's Next? Eyes On Sunday

We had a wonderful time this morning meeting, praying, and planning with our Launch Team. Now, we're looking to tomorrow evening when we hope to hear some clear direction from the government. We're especially interested in knowing whether the children will go back to school and whether it looks like we will be able to meet in person as Redeemer later this Summer.

Thank you for being on this journey with us. We are thankful for you!

But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream! Amos 5:24

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