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It's been a minute! Here's a few highlights from the last two months: getting through January, break the soil, Shepherd turned seven!, a few days in Amsterdam, and an encouraging season with Redeemer.

Here are some highlights...


We made it through this last January better than the previous few years here. Thankfully, it wasn’t as wet as it’s been in the past and we had a few milder days — balanced by some bitterly cold ones too!

Perry and Shepherd are enjoying school and we’re thankful for such a good Primary School to be connected to. We’re enjoying some continued involvement in the school PTA as well.

Shepherd turned SEVEN last weekend and we just can’t believe it. The kids were on half-term break from school as well and we got some time out of town to rest and make memories with one another. Amsterdam had a lot to offer from canals, pancakes, the Van Gough museum, and a fantastic science museum for kids. It continues to be one of the trust truths about living in London: the secret to living in London is leaving. We are grateful for every few days away we’re able to find.

As a family, we're praying more together and it's been a real help to us all. We're (imperfectly) trying to absorb the new catechism that Thomas and Trevin are working on together as well. God has been kind to us. We are grateful.

We’re really looking forward to more daylight, warmer weather, and the season ahead with Redeemer.


We’re about to conclude a collection of teachings on “The Way of Jesus” where Thomas and the team have taught through different spiritual rhythms and routines from the life of Jesus. Some of those talks are available on Redeemer’s YouTube and Facebook pages if you’d like to check them out.

Thank you to those who prayed for us in Break The Soil — a very special 24 hours of prayer in the Redeemer community. The Spirit has been putting it on the heart of the leadership team to lean into prayer in this season. We had a wonderful time and were super encouraged that more than 30 people came out to pray in shifts. We will deffo do this again.

Redeemer has been teeming with life as a few new people have been turning up over the last few weeks of gatherings. Finding us online, hearing from a friend, or coming with someone has brought a few new folks around and we are very grateful. It’s a special delight to see the community groups growing as well. God is faithful.

Thomas is preparing some research and study for a Lenten teaching on “Seven Words From The Cross” where we’ll study each of the seven things Jesus said from the cross as we build up to Easter. We hope this will be an encouraging and soul-stabilising season of taking in the beauty of the atonement where Jesus gave himself for us on the cross.

Redeemer will also host an egg hunt for families on Saturday 1 April. Lots of good going on.


We’re very much on a mission of pursuing sustainable family and church rhythms. Lots of this season is framed around that focus.

We’re strong celebrants of international pancake day so we kept that tradition alive yesterday as well.

Thomas is full on with work this week and we’re anticipating a few exciting weeks of Reach London in March.

Thank you for being in this journey with us.

Sow righteousness for yourselves, reap the fruit of unfailing love, and break up your unplowed ground; for it is time to seek the LORD, until he comes and showers his righteousness on you.

Hosea 10:12

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