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It's been nonstop for us since returning from Summer holidays.

Perry and Shepherd are concluding half term break and we thought it'd be good to provide an update on Perry and Shepherd and how things are going with Redeemer.


Perry and Shepherd started back to school in September. They both really like their teachers this year.

Fun update for Perry: She was elected to the school council! We are so proud of her. Perry has also started keyboard lessons.

Shepherd is continuing to enjoy tennis, amazing lego creations, and of course Hot Wheels. Shepherd's teacher is from Canada and he really loves that they're both from North America, have blonde hair, and wear glasses.

The highlight of this Half Term was Perry's baptism. Perry trusted in Jesus back in March and it was an absolute joy for Thomas to get to baptise her this October (in a portable hot tub at the school, nonetheless). We'll have a highlight video of this coming soon!

For fun, Shepherd and Thomas got to visit Wembley stadium not once but TWICE in October. Our friend Ashlyn had some NFL tickets through a friend and it was a great time. Then Shepherd and Thomas got to see Australia play England in a friendly football match as well. Both very cool experiences.

On the same night, Elizabeth and Perry went to the Taylor Swift concert movie and sang the night away.


With church, we just finished a six week teaching on the integration of Faith and Work. As Christians, we know Jesus changes everything but sometimes it's difficult to summarise how he changes our approach to our job. We spent this last season as a church digging into these topics and we're really encouraged by all we've learned.

Also, a special note, we had J.D. Greear join to preach and spend some time with us and our team back in September. He preached a fantastic sermon that you can watch or listen to, here.

Yesterday, David Brown preached a fantastic sermon to conclude the teaching on 'Faith and Work'. We're looking forward to beginning a study in the Book of Ruth on Saturday and begin entering into the Christmas season. Yes, we're going to be singing Carols in November as well!

Tilly and the team have run another round of After School Club and it's been a great way to connect with the local community. We're having our final instalment on this Thursday before packing it away for the Winter. We look forward to this being a staple in our ministry in the Spring, Summer, and Autumn seasons.

We hosted another 'Break The Soil' as well. This is an extended prayer meeting (18 hours) based on Hosea 10:12. It's impossible to estimate the value of these prayer meetings. We love the hunger God is giving us as a church.

The team does an amazing job of keeping Redeemer updated with resources so keep an eye out for @RedeemerQP on socials and check out our podcast.

It's finally in that more sustainable set of ministry rhythms where everything has been officially kicked off for the year and now we're getting to run the thing. We're grateful.

“Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies. Your righteousness is like the highest mountains, your justice like the great deep. You, Lord, preserve both people and animals.”

Psalms 36:5-6


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