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It’s been a minute. Here’s what we’ve been up to leading up to the half term school break…


We celebrated one year of teaching the gospel, gathering weekly, and doing all the things a healthy church does. Saturday 24 September was one year to the date where we fully and finally ‘launched’ as a new local church. We’ve been at it for over a year now even though we moved over to plant the church more than three years ago! Join us in giving thanks to God for the grace and mercy He has shown by allowing this church to get going.


This has been a good season for the Redeemer community as we’re studying the Book of Ecclesiastes. King Solomon has had a lot to say about the state of life ‘under the sun’ and what it means to have real joy, meaning, and purpose in the lives we live. A few of those teachings are available on the YouTube page of Redeemer.


Elizabeth continues to enjoy her job at IHP and she recently led the company on an office move in The City. We’re grateful for the provision and connections afforded through her work.


Thomas and Tim became friends 1.5 years ago and have enjoyed connecting over the last year. Thomas was asked to preach in late-September and happily accepted. We are glad to be able to pour just a little back into a church that God used in a significant way in our own journey and move to London. If you want to hear how it went then here it is!


Elizabeth’s parents landed two Fridays ago and we have a really great half term break with them. They were a huge blessing while Thomas and I Elizabeth worked for the first part of the week. Highlights for the kids were: Kidzania, London Zoo and seeing a movie. We all hopped on the train to York on Thursday for some more half term fun. While in York we learned about the Vikings, the history of chocolate, and trains at the Train Museum. Who knew York had so much?! We’re on our way back to London to settle in and reset for the routines to begin again tomorrow.

We’re planning to partake in some trick or treating tomorrow night. Shepherd has plans of going for it as an RAF fighter pilot while Perry is playing it cool as a “Spa Girl”.

Thank you for keeping up with us and praying for us.

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