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Visiting Family and Friends

These last few weeks have been incredibly refreshing. After completing quarantine at the lake, we spent a week in Raleigh and then a few good days in Birmingham. We're traveling around and keeping safe. Now, we’re at the beach and about to switch off for a week. Here’s what we’ve been up to...

BUT! Safety First...

It's been six plane rides and three rental cars over the last three weeks. Everyone is feeling well and seem to be in good health. Of course, the travel are taxing in their own special way. We're taking all the precautions and feel good about how things have gone so far.

Loving the Lake Landing at the lake was beneficial for a billion reasons. It was the perfect place to recover from our jet lag and settle in. We hung out with Elizabeth’s family for a few weekends and greatly enjoyed some boat rides and meals together. We are always thankful for time with Elizabeth's sister. We were also able to begin reading a few books and slowing down. On the way to Atlanta, we stopped at a Chickfila for breakfast and it was so good that Thomas nearly wrecked the car on the way to the airport. We’re glad to be back.

Reconnecting in Raleigh Raleigh was so much fun. It was a bit surreal being in the place that we love so much...and not living there anymore. We were headed to Raleigh to officiate a wedding for our dear friends, Ryan and Ally. Their wedding was sweet and intimate. It also rained. We loved celebrating them.

Raleigh provided much needed opportunities to hangout with a few friends as well. We were especially glad to meet a few babies that were born while we were away! Catching up with people is so refreshing. There are always more we wish we could get to but we are grateful for the moments we had.

In addition to these, Thomas was invited to be a part of an interview with The Summit Church where he shared our story of how God led us to London. We left for Birmingham on Tuesday.

Big Cousin Time in Birmingham Thomas’ parents moved to Birmingham last year and his two brothers live there as well. We enjoyed a few days of full on family madness. The cousins play sweetly (some of the time?) with each other and it’s always good to see everyone getting on together. We were able to have a few really good meals and catchup on this last year with one another. We'll have some more time in Birmingham after the beach.

We’re Off To The Beach And it’s our favourite. 30-A is the place where so many fun memories have been made over the years and we’re glad to be going back. After six nights with Elizabeth’s family we will have three nights together to celebrate 11 years of marriage and reflect more on all that God has done in this last year. Time out of London has made us even more deeply grateful for our time there over the last year and hopeful about what God is doing.

We’re switching off for the week. Thomas was a little more “on” over these last few weeks than we anticipated. A few podcasts, a few interviews, a few sermons/trainings all created an easy but steady stream of workflow. We’re grateful for the opportunity to work remote and share our story...but it’s time to rest. We’re hoping this week is our true and deep rest for our time in the States. Here’s to building memories as a family.

We are grateful for your consistent prayer and support.

It is a joy to share our life with you.

Thank you for being on this journey with us.

God says, ‘Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.’

Psalm 46:10

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