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Perry Is In Primary School

Hey friends, just checking in with a brief update here. We're under two weeks in London and so much is going on. The biggest news from this last week is that our Perry started school! God has been very kind to us in drawing the details together. Here's a little more about it and a preview into the week ahead...

Primary School

We have had our sights set on getting the kiddos in school for months now. On the last trip over in May Thomas was able to complete the initial application for the school. We arrived in London just in time to activate Perry's application and to find out just a few days later that she was accepted!

On Wednesday of this last week Perry bravely attended her first day of Primary School here in London. We are overjoyed to report that she had a great first few days. Her class was prepared for her arrival and a few students even wrote Perry cards and drew pictures. She is really enjoying the new school and we couldn't be more proud of her. Thank you for praying for our family and especially for Perry. Your prayers are effectual!

A Few Meetings In The City

Thomas has had a few meetings in The City over the last two weeks. Of course we were planning to settle in and slowly ease into things but we are grateful for early action and things to do. We can't share much at this point but there will be some exciting news rolling out in just a couple of months time. God is setting us on a fast start and is genuinely providing more than we could ask or imagine at this point.

We had two really fun "meetings" in this last week that we were able to take as a couple. First, Rachel, one of our former college students, was in London with her family on holiday and came to the neighborhood to spend some time with us! This was our first "former student" visit and it was a sweet one. We love you, Rachel!

Second, as if it couldn't get any better, we spent an hour from 12-1am with the launch team back in Raleigh - catching up, sharing stories, and such. Technology makes the world much smaller! These people are such an encouragement.

A Few Moments Together

We have had a few fun outings in London. We think it's important to get in London, explore some of the amazing parks, and show the kiddos around. We are also grateful for the coaching we received to take as much time as possible to connect as a family once landing. We are glad to have a few good outings together because school has now absorbed a lot of family time and the next few weeks will be quite busy...

Our First Team Arrives Tomorrow

Yes, you read that correctly. Exactly two weeks from landing in London ourselves and we are hosting our first support team. We're looking forward to having a few college students from Lakeview Baptist Church with us for the week ahead. Along with Lakeview, we will also spend a few days with college students from The Summit Church. Some people might say it's too early to be working like this but we are eager to get things going. Planting a new church is going to take a lot of prayer, collaboration, and sharing of the story. There's no time to wait!

Would you pray with us in the week ahead? Pray for any sort of rest for us as a family. Pray for a good time hosting Lakeview and Summit. Pray that we would be as present as possible in the midst of all the moving pieces.

We're so glad to be here. We're settling in.

Thank you for being on this journey with us.

"Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God."

Psalm 20:7

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