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Pray With Us - August

We're moving through preparations for the work that awaits us in Autumn. With only a few weeks left in Summer we're enjoying time as a family and getting a few things ready for the months ahead. Would you pray with us in the week ahead for a few things we're preparing?

Pray For Connections and Conversations

Would you pray with us for connections with our community? Just in this last week we made a number of contacts with various charities and community organizations. In the coming weeks we hope to learn more about the needs and issues of our community and how we might be able to serve and support.

We're also glad to have made a few connections with people who could become friends in the months ahead. Would you pray with us for continued favor in our conversations? Would you also pray for discernment to balance humble-listening with eager-action? There is so much we want to say and do to serve the people of London but we want it to be as meaningful as possible. So, a season of learning is in order.

Pray For Plans and Preparations

Would you pray for some of the plans and preparations we're making? We've made some adjustments to our plans based on our initial learnings over the last six weeks and we want to continue adjusting where appropriate. In the next couple of weeks Thomas and Daniel are doing research, making some projections, and preparing some timetables for the work ahead. Additionally, we're preparing to host a series of teams from the States and some families and friends as well. We want to get a lot done but we want it to be done with balance and care.

Would you pray for our work in these ground-clearing days? The work we do now will determine the trajectory for our family, ministry team, and work in London. Pray especially for our family rhythms as we sense the groundswell of September growing. We have been doing one-to-one Bible readings with each other in the evenings in hopeful anticipation of being able to share with others in the weeks ahead. We've also given greater care to our time with the kiddos so we can enter September rested and focused.

Partner + Follow

Since a few people have reached out in the last week asking how to partner with us financially, we thought it would be good to provide a reminder and primer here. You can financially invest in our work in London through our fund with the National Christian Foundation. If you're interested in the different types of investments we can process then you might find this article to be helpful to you. Beginning in September, all financial investors will receive a monthly update about where we are in our work and what is scheduled for the month ahead - all of that information will not be shared on this website.

Related, be sure to follow Redeemer Queen's Park on our social media platforms. As connections are made and plans are finalized we will begin rolling out updates in the next couple of weeks. Being subscribed will ensure you receive updates as they roll out. Please search and follow Redeemer Queen's Park on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at

Thank you for being on this journey with us.

"The people who walk in darkness will see a great light."

Isaiah 9:2

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