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Getting Through

The last two weeks have been...well, yeah. We're getting through it. Looking back, the past two weeks back were normal everyday stuff and this one has been a bit of a mess. Shepherd is recovering from strep and we think we can see the light at the end of this tunnel...

Mundane And Monday Feeling Life

BUT, we feel like it's been too long without a post so we wanted to follow through and share. Two weeks back was pretty standard stuff. Thomas had a good barrage of meetings, Elizabeth had a few meetups, and things trucked along for the kids and ministry stuff. We also felt blue for the first time since moving. Sunshine in the winter is really nice...those dark and dreary days are no good. We're popping the vitamin D supplements and working to be mindful of how we're really doing. And then...

Shepherd got strep. It's the worst. Also, have you ever heard of a child being immune to penicillin? Because either ours is or this is some serious strep. Shepherd's little boy energy, whilst (there's a good fiver) being sick!, continues to surge on. It goes without saying that nurse Elizabeth has been hard at work. Perry seems to have dodged the contagion and we parents are fine...we think. We are really hoping and believing that we could be back to normal tomorrow - that's what we say everyday.

Something To Keep An Eye On

Thomas and Daniel started a new podcast called "The Public Truth." The idea is to create a series of conversations and articles around the theme of: The Church in Culture. There's a deep dive on Lesslie Newbigin's concept of "public truth" and what that means for Christian's living and interacting in the public square - more to come on that another time. For now, a few resources are coming together on the website ( and on the podcast (available on Apple and Spotify). Check it out.

What Next?

We're headed into a busy February - by the way, how is it February already? - and it begins with a full week ahead. We're really looking forward to the next instalment of "The Redeemer Sessions" on Saturday afternoon at the school. These are informal and informational gatherings aimed at exploring what the Church is and how to be a part of it. This month, Thomas is giving a talk around the question of: "What is the message of the Church?" We're hoping it's a good afternoon for everyone who attends.

We're also setting our sights on our first trip to the States since the move. We're headed back to Alabama for half term break.

Would you pray with us in the month ahead? We're trying to narrow our focus as a family on a few intentions for the year and to be consistent in them. Please pray especially for a full recovery for our Shepherd (and prevention for others) and for a good Redeemer Session on Saturday.

Thank you for being on this journey with us.

"And rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, He departed and went out to a desolate place, and there He prayed."

Mark 1:35

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